Direct Investments

The smart way to invest directly.

When your interests, style, or entrepreneurial spirit lead you to direct investments, we curate exceptional opportunities to grow and preserve your family’s wealth.


Access distinctive private equity, debt, and real estate investments using the right vehicles, partners, and structures.


Our global network of forward-thinking partners and entrepreneurs are among the first to identify opportunities.


Each investment is customized with your best interests in mind, instead of the investment manager’s.

Exceptional investing takes exceptional expertise and commitment.

  • A proven team with decades of entrepreneurial excellence and access to best-in-class investors and management teams.
  • A vast network with deep intel on potential investments, including company, industry, and sector knowledge.
  • A fanatically holistic approach, from balance sheet optimization for each investment to structuring term sheets to mitigate downside and provide added security.

Diligence is exhaustive, leaving no stone unturned

Fierce Approach

  • We comb through legal documents for time bombs, discrepancies, and boobytraps.
  • We ask all the tough questions to ferret out the known unknowns and unknown unknowns.

Complete Solidarity and Lasting Commitment

  • We align our interests with yours and often invest alongside you.
  • In some cases, we serve on the board of directors to provide activist oversight and influence.

Disclosure: There is no guarantee that direct investments will be profitable.

Meticulous Examination of All Angles

All opportunities are fully vetted to ensure a 360-degree fit, including unrelenting consideration of:

  • Fundamental investment and macroeconomic perspectives
  • Legal and tax implications
  • Balance sheet and risk management
  • Overall wealth structuring and optimization

Interested in direct investments?

We identify and structure the right opportunities when direct investments are right for you.

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